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Card 1

Use your imagination and create an alien world for your friends. Dont forget to find an alien friend.

Card 2

What a world would look like that is built deep under the Ocean. Dont forget to add sea-animals.

Card 3

Are you ready to create a forest riddle that has scary animals and you need to survive for the night

Top Creations from other kids!

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Underwater mission by 8 year old Sajal from Delhi

Lets collect all the pearls but first collect all the plastic waste humans have been throwing in the sea.
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An alien planet with colorful trees by 9 year old Ansh from Mumbai

Marimba is the name of the beautiful alien planet, dont forget to solve the challenges Marimbaians are facing.
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Mars mission from 8 year old Vikran from Bangalore

Landed successfully but crashed the spaceship, lets build it with the help of Martians.

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