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Experience an Art Exhibition in Metaverse!

Open on Laptop/PC only.

Are you excited to create your own art gallery or wish to see your artwork here? Share your artwork with us now!

want to experience the metaverse?

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King needs your help with an investigation 
be a spy & Visit Robinhood basecamp now & submit your case

Life on an Exoplanet...

Little Munchkin is determined to find and create conditions for life on the exoplanet NeoPlanet777 ! Guided by the Great Grandmother M's diary, teams collaborate and compete in this scavenger hunt of items to help create life.

Open on Laptop/PC only.

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Creative thinking with talented hippo

We design special, safe spaces for children in metaverses - so that they can experience learning in a way they never have, before!

Some key features of sessions that a child may be part of:

  • each space & journey is based on a particular theme

  • the tasks & challenges at each stage enable inter-disciplinary learning

  • group sessions foster a spirit of both collaboration and competition

  • single player sessions foster a sense of curiosity and desire to learn


What is the metaverse?

The metaverse is a virtual social space in which the users can interact with each other and interesting 3D environments.

Is it safe for kids?

While there are many public metaverses out there, at talentedHippo, we are creating safe spaces for kids where their natural curiosity can be fed while also ensuring a productive learning experience.

What equipment is required to participate in these sessions ? 

All you need is a laptop/desktop PC with a great internet connection!

Who are these sessions for?

We have created them for children from ages 6 to 12 years :)

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